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Roads Business Software has been developed from over 30 years of IT industry experience working within a range of sectors from engineering, commercial, retail and construction industries.

We have developed a fantastic new program that has been proven to dramatically impact and improve the performance and returns from small to medium sized business’s, turning them into large competitors in their market, or enabling business’s to fully reach their goals and potentials.

Director: Robert Pearson


Rob Pearson is the founder of Roads.  He started work in engineering and manufacturing and in that time witnessed the massive transformation in  UK businesses as technology began to make an impact on the way we work.  He developed an early interest and passion for IT in those early days which has laid strong foundations for understanding technology as it has evolved and become more widely available over the years.

Rob became involved in early electronic digital measuring devices, leading on to computer interfaces and data analysis systems.  He became self-employed in 1990 and began to concentrate more and more on IT systems and software & database development.

He has run his own business for over 20 years, and in that time has worked in a variety of business sectors, either developing systems or working as consultant, including several years working with large multi-million turnover multinational corporations.

Realising the massive advantages that truly integrated management systems these large corporations benefit from in terms of efficiency and profitability has given Rob a passion to make these benefits available to small and medium companies at affordable costs to enable them to grown, to thrive, and to prosper.


Director: Krzysztof Piszczek


I have 20 years experience in the IT industry. In our company I am mainly responsible for the research through new technologies, I’m also a Software Developer (and Director).
I am also responsible for our web and Linux based operations.

I Starting working with Rob in 2006 and I was recruited by him into to the company.

I am a member of  the Polish BOINC Fundation, I am also admin of Radioactive@Home international radioactivity monitoring project.

Since May 2014 I’m also administrator and software developer for Universe@Home a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in physics and astronomy.


Sales and Marketing Director: Victoria Pearson


Vicky developed her business development, sales and marketing skills working within the dairy industry, heading up new and experimental business development ideas and heading up the sales and marketing teams for a range of smaller initiatives within a larger dairy corporation. Vicky made the decision to move into ‘the family business’ recently, feeling she had the skills to move this fantastic product further in the market. Vicky is passionate about Roads Business Software, having worked in larger companies with expensive management systems, with many faults and hidden development expenses associated. Roads is so simple to use, yet comprehensive in its abilities. Roads really is the best management system I have come across in my career.

Vicky manages and directs the sales, quotes and marketing along with the website for the business, driving this product into the B2B Market place.


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