eCommerce – eBay, Amazon, Magento, OpenCart…

Today most wholesalers use different ways to find customers which includes eBay, Amazon and/or other internet shopping system.

We can integrate your web shop, eBay shop or even Amazon shop with our order processing and stock control system. Everything what you need can be accessible from just one application.

Roads eTrader simply, automatically upload your Amazon/eBay stock quantities, download orders and mark is as paid, generate invoice – everything under one button or in auto mode where no your action required!

Roads Ebay Manager - Main Screen


We are eBay certified developers!

We are Amazon certified developers!


Also, in same application, working on your desktop/server we can process eBay, Amazon, Magento, OpenCart shops – separate or together and keep your stock in control.

Please head across to our E Trader package for more information.

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