Roads - Enquiry

Roads – Enquiry

Enquiries are vital for all of us – small and medium sized business’s.

Based on our customers needs we have created simple enquiry form to put all required information about your customers, but we are not limited to pre-set requirements. A part of our job is tailoring Roads it to your needs and we include exactly (and only) what YOU need.

When customers decide to convert his enquiry form to a live order then only one action is required by you, this is clicking on ONE button to convert the enquiry or quote into a live order! It is that simple and is independent from the quote date – even if it was long time ago, Roads does not forgot customers details, enquiry value or stock symbols etc…

Roads is so much more than a simple CRM system, Roads is a fully integrated end to end administration management system.

For more information, please head to our Contractor software page for more specific product information.

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